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She stepped out into the sunlight, and she found that she could fly

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I'm a civil servant, married, parent of a grad student, SF&F fan from way back, inactive SCAdian, writer/editor, former software user support geek, and plain ol' HTML coder (none of those silly WYSIWYG things for me ... but I have yet to do anything interesting with this LJ!) since 1995. I started reading manga about 7 years ago and the silly stuff has now taken over vast portions of my life (e.g., time, bookshelf space, etc.). I rarely watch TV and only like seeing movies along with other people. For comfort reading, I often dig out old children's books. Other miscellany: INFP, Leo w/ Libra rising, Earth Dog.

My Samurai Deeper Kyo moodtheme is by the very talented blue-hobbit, adapted from mangaka Akamine Kamijyo's original work. SDK was my first manga series and still has a very special place in my heart.

The current subtitle quote is from "Tumbalalaika," a traditional Yiddish "riddle song." The answers are (SPOILERS) love and a heart. The "balalaika" mentioned in the song is a traditional Russian folk instrument. It's also the Russian Army nickname for a particular type of rifle favored by snipers, which is why the elegant and ruthless Russian mob boss in the manga/anime Black Lagoon is named Balalaika.

Other places I spend time online: Flight Rising (browser-based game about dragons), Shejidan (C.J. Cherryh fan message board), and Diana Wynne Jones mailing list (usually just lurking); Archive of Our Own (AO3); File 770 (just lurking)  .

I am also a Fandom Grammarian! Head on over to the LJ fandom_grammar community for answers to your fandom writing questions!

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I don't mind if you friend me, but if I can't figure out why you did it, I'm not going to friend you back. If I get friended by an account that is neither a friends-friend nor someone who has interests in common with me (and I will check not only interests listed in the profile, but also tags and the first couple of pages of journal entries), then I assume that someone has, shall we say, less than friendly motives for friending me.

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