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I took the day off for a couple of medical appointments and ran some errands mixed in between ... was going to finish by hitting the vet's office for some more cans of pricey "kidney diet" cat food for the critter, but apropos of nothing decide to call and see what their hours were today. And lo and behold, they are closed the first Thursday of every month "for training." Lucky, huh? My iPod agreed:


At my morning apointment, I dumped everything that's happened in the last three months to my shrink lady, who last saw me just before the cardiology appointment that sent me in to have a stent placed. And when I'd finished raving for 15 minutes straight, she smiled and said "Well! It sounds like you've weathered all that rather well. What do you think?" And you know? Damn, she's right! I kicked all that stuff to the curb, fuckers! All that work stuff and my heart and my uncle's death and funeral and unloading all the (emotionally charged junk) from the house! I haven't even had any worse insomnia than usual. So now I just need to keep on keepin' on.

Of course she and I are both now facing the bureaucratic BS of getting my Ambien prescription cleared for another year. You'd think it was heroin.

So I stopped at Lord & Taylor and tried on bras and actually bought one - underwire for the first time since the breast cancer (2007). It was comfy enough in the fitting room: we'll see how it goes for a couple of hours of real wear at some holiday social event. Also bought cute on-sale socks and snazzy leather + touch screen stuff gloves.

Then I took the Metro back uptown and stopped at Busboys for lunch ... and discovered that unnoticed by the bus staff, the previous customer at my little table had spilled water on the floor (into which puddle I unobservantly put my purse) and onto the fabric seat of the chair (in which I sat). Getting the wait staff and host to understand my problems was both tedious and embarrassing (I didn't notice the floor problem until after I'd sent them for a different chair ... and a towel to sit on because now my ass was wet). So some time had passed before I was properly situated with coffee, cream of tomato soup, and a cauliflower frittata with greens on top. And I ended up having to rush through eating/drinking when I realized that I was due for my mammogram in less than 45 minutes.

At the radiology clinic, where I was only 5 minutes late ... they had no order from my doctor. Lord, I was glad that I had no other deadlines this afternoon. I called my oncologist and her office staff faxed it over. The technician was then worried about the timing and my insurance: my last mammo was only 6 months ago, but that was because they noticed some changes in my right (no-cancer) boob at my annual last year. I said well, I have a history, and besides, the doc ORDERED it. So I got squished and squashed and went back to sit in the dressing room ... and waited. And then the concerned young tech came back and said AHA, now we understand: we need to take magnified shots of the area that worried the radiologist last year. So, more squishing and squashing, and then the verdict was: OK, come back in another 6 months but it looks like your teeny abnormalities have actually diminished in number, so go you.

I was then ready to head back home to the vet (three blocks away from the house) when I remembered that d'oh, I was almost out of my breakfast juice of choice (Tropicana Orange-Tangerine) and look, I'm only about a quarter mile from Snider's Grocery, which actually carries the stuff (Giant reduced their selection of Tropicana's cornucopia of juice types and Whole Paycheck now only carries some obscure and pricey organic brand of orange-tangerine that doesn't taste as good). And look, here's Staples and maybe they have things I'll want for holiday cards and gift wrapping and possibly dark cocoa Keurig cups for work. So I bought heavy duty printer paper for family holiday newsletters, some glitter star stickers ... and that's it. Apparently Staples has given up on pretty holiday printer paper and gift wrap supplies (except ordinary stuff like transparent tape), and their in-store range of Keurigs is much smaller than what they have online. Staples, I am disappoint. Oh well.

So home again, home again, and here I am. Not a relaxing day off, but a heartening one, in the end.

ETA: At the end of this Salon intervew, Merchant talks about "Wonder" and what it has come to mean for some people. And yeah, I got a little teary watching the video just now, especially in the light of the positive outcomes today.

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Dec. 3rd, 2015 11:56 pm (UTC)
Dear Christ. Every day, *every day*, I feel I should get down on my knees and say 'Thank you, God, for letting me be born in a single-payer health system.' No, it doesn't apply to dentists, but that only makes me wonder why the masses have not risen up in outrage at the inhumanity of what you've got.
Dec. 4th, 2015 02:53 am (UTC)
Hang in there. It's always a good day when you get much accomplished and receive good news even if it occurs amidst much agitation.

Sorry I haven't been around as much lately. *hugs*
Dec. 4th, 2015 08:09 am (UTC)
Good news about the "abnormalities" ... yeah!

Dec. 5th, 2015 02:42 am (UTC)

I have liver diet, alas, not kidney.
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