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Yuletide Recs II - God & England Edition

It was funny how this fell out! Recs for:

Arthur Ransome - Swallows and Amazons | Arthurian Legend | Bible - Hebrew Bible or Old Testament | CS Lewis - Chronicles of Narnia

I have to say I was mildly freaked out by the amount of Biblical fic, but some of it was quite good.

Tea and Biscuits (Arthur Ransome - Swallows and Amazons): While their children adventure together, Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Blackett become unlikely friends.

Envying Angels (Arthurian Legend): Galahad is having a little trouble with being holy (warning: slashy ... but pretty).

Concerning the Wine which was Spilt at the Feast of St. Ignatius, and How Arthur Came to Spend a Night in the Wood, and of the Gift of the Richest Mantle That Ever was Seen in That Court (Arthurian Legend): Arthur and Morgan le Fay have a bitter disagreement. Very nice Arthurian voice, and a gripping read.

One Little Ewe Lamb (Bible - Hebrew Bible or Old Testament): Bathsheva's story, from her viewpoint. Bitter and angry and beautiful.

Tales Told in Egypt (Bible - Hebrew Bible or Old Testament): Some of the prisoners in an Egyptian prison have a new source of distraction: a Canaanite who's a gifted storyteller.

Three True Things About Archenland (CS Lewis - Chronicles of Narnia): It takes Aravis and Shasta aw hile to get used to the North - but it's worth it.

Sea Legs (CS Lewis - Chronicles of Narnia): Returning from Narnia is unpleasant for anyone. Here's how it went for Eustace, the first time.

Out of Narnia (CS Lewis - Chronicles of Narnia): And here's how it went for Lucy, the third time. Short and very effective.

A Good Queen (CS Lewis - Chronicles of Narnia): This makes a good pairing with the previous one: a young Queen Lucy sometimes misses England.

No One Is Ever Told What Would Have Happened (CS Lewis - Chronicles of Narnia): A series of haunting variations involving one of the most disturbing parts of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader: the incident of Lucy and the book of spells.



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