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Yeah, it's late: it's been a complicated week. But I didn't want to wait all the way until next week.

What have you just finished reading?

Just finished Max Gladstone's Three Parts Dead, which was excellent. No less than three significant female characters, none of whom is just anyone's love interest, one of them a person of color (who is an awesome supernatural investigator and magician); magical courtroom drama; high-speed chases through a steampunkish city at night; a vampire ship's captain; gods dying and resurrected; an evil adversary who is a loathesome, charismatic, and brilliant slimeball; a nerdy chain-smoking young priest whose alter-ego is a club-hopping city boy; and much more. I'm looking forward to the next volume, which is actually to some degree a prequel.

What are you currently reading?

[personal profile] ann_leckie's Ancillary Justice, which is awesome. At the moment (about 25% of the way into it), it's equal parts mystery and anthropological SF. Leckie's style is very smooth and assured.

Also still making my way through Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm on my phone.

Finally, I'm also doing a re-read of canon so that I can beta a couple of stories.

What do you think you'll read next?

Beats me! It occurs to me that I have some volumes of Doctorow and Marie Brennan about, which I bought some time ago for a charity auction. I should probably check them out, especially the Brennan (the Doctorow was bought more with my husband in mind).


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Nov. 3rd, 2013 05:03 am (UTC)
Ancillary Justice! :D

I'm almost exactly at the point you are in it (my Kobo says "23% read"), and my reaction is the same. It's such an interesting world, and I want to know more about, well, everything! I'm on the edge of my seat re: the plot with the marsh city and the upper city. And intrigued by the long lifespans and all the commentary on empire and personal choice. It's a good book so far and I feel she deserves every bit of the praise she's getting for it.

(Also, I wasn't sure if the use of default female pronouns would come off as a gimmick, but it really works for me. And makes me smile in the way that it reminds me of fandom, where I use female pronouns for authors unless advised otherwise--that is the one default-female space in my life.)

As I said to the author, for one who knows she was influenced by Cherryh it's clear that she was, but in all the best ways. <3
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