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What have you just finished reading?

Some more odd serial art stuff from the Small Press Expo, most of which didn't make much of an impression. The one exception was Bread & Wine: An Erotic Tale of New York, by Samuel R. Delaney and Mia Wolff. As most of you probably know, Samuel Delaney was one of the first successful African American science fiction writers. This is an actual, biographical story of how he met his life partner, Dennis, who was a homeless man living on the streets of New York. It's very explicit and frank; in parts it's very sad and in others, it's very tender and joyful.

Also, the latest National Geographic, which had a rather disturbing story of a storm chaser who was recently killed by one of the tornados he was pursuing, along with a colleague and his own adult son, an accomplished photographer.

I am all caught up with the webcomic Yellow Peril. I have made an LJ feed for it, yellowperilcomi. LJ needs longer names for the feeds. :-(

Finally, I read vol. 4 of House of Five Leaves. I think I'm starting to get used to the mangaka's drawing style. However, I can't agree with the comments I've seen online about how wonderful it is.

What are you currently reading?

Still reading Max Gladstone's Three Parts Dead, which is getting really, really good. Things have taken a massive turn for the worse in the story; I'm mentally biting my fingernails.

For some reason, I have also started a re-read of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, which I had downloaded onto my phone sometime ago. It's a pleasant enough diversion, except when the author goes off onto a spate of Rebecca-worship.

What do you think you'll read next?

Still haven't started [personal profile] ann_leckie's Ancillary Justice. Also, I've got my Yuletide canon re-read stacked up and ready to go, plus I need to do a canon review for some beta reading.


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Oct. 25th, 2013 05:41 am (UTC)
I love Bread and Wine. Delany's kinks are really not mine, and yet the story is very sexy - and moving and sweet. It's such an unlikely story, it can only be nonfiction. Great art.
Oct. 25th, 2013 12:11 pm (UTC)

Yeah, it can be hard to describe how two people fall in love, but I think the story here explains itself pretty well. Still, some people are apparently tone-deaf to that kind of thing. One person on Amazon didn't get it at all! The way the artist has depicted it, you can see how the two of them are drawn to each other, physically. And I can see how Dennis' sense of wonder and gentleness drew Delany. There's the very way they first met: Dennis is selling books, and trusts Delaney to pay him later. I thought the relationship developed in a way that way somehow both believable and unlikely at the same time, and the afterward — how happy and into each other they still are 25 years later — was so sweet.

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