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Thanks everyone who commented on my post about trying to decide whether I could safely upgrade my 6-year-old iMac.

I proceeded unwisely but in the end, effectively, while comments were still coming in.

After I had all the keywords straight in my head, I described the situation to the Mr. He turned out to have the Snow Leopard disk on family license (which is five installations). I think the only reason we had not done this to my system earlier was that for a while, I had a music CD stuck in my CD/DVD drive. (It was Culture Club's Greatest Hits. My husband's comment about that was, "If you put something like that in your computer, what do you expect?") But that problem resolved itself about 2 months ago: al the sudden one evening, the drive activated, and the CD got spat out.

Yesterday morning, in a fit of impatience, I took the disk and ran the install. No, I did not do a backup first. I was stupid. And fed up.

About an hour later, when I had to leave for work, my wallpaper picture had come back onscreen, but everything else was absent, and the little Apple rainbow wheel (equivalent to a Windows rotating hourglass) was in the middle. I left it with trepidation.

When I got home, the screen had a confirmation prompt for a reboot. I clicked Yes, and things continued fairly understandably from there. I got prompted to download the patches for Snow Leopard and some miscellaneous security updates, which required a couple more reboots. Then the mail utility and Firefox wanted their upgrades too. Flash thinks it needs an upgrade as well, but the current Flash version need the Lion version of OSX, so the heck with it for now.

BUT! The iPad Mini synchs up now! And it has music on it! So I lucked out.

On the other hand, Now I can't use my little old DeskJet 5550 printer anymore. Ooops.

ETA: And I just successfully set up the new printer/scanner that I got for Mothers Day and had been unable to use! Wheee!

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Sep. 7th, 2013 10:30 pm (UTC)
START YOUR BACKUP NOW. (Toby's in the shower, I'm channeling what I think he'll say. XD) If you've got a backup disk, like an external drive, set up Time Machine to back up to it on a regular basis. If you don't have an external drive, now is an excellent time to get one! They're not terribly expensive, given how large you can get them nowadays.
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