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Rogue DNS: You All Know About This, Right?

"The FBI has uncovered a network of rogue DNS servers and has taken steps to disable it. The FBI is also undertaking an effort to identify and notify victims who have been impacted by the DNSChanger malware. One consequence of disabling the rogue DNS network is that victims who rely on the rogue DNS network for DNS service could lose access to DNS services ... ."

Basically, this malware gets into your system's DNS (domain name server) lookup tables and routes all your network access through their server. The idea was (I believe) that they could create a botnet this way. The FBI nabbed them and has kept the server up for a while, but they are taking it down Monday. So if you were hit with this malware, you won't be able to get online after that.

Check out this page on the FBI site for more, including links to pages that will check your system for you and how to check your system yourself, manually. (I did both for the netbook - I still need to do it on this box.)

And if you are really paranoid - not a bad thing in this case - don't use that link but just go to the FBI site directly by entering the URL (which is exactly what you think it is - remember, .gov) and use the news link on the front about this.

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