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I Love Geekishness in My Fave Authors

C. J. Cherryh has been having troubles with the fish pond in her backyard, but now that things seem to be back to normal, she introduces us to her fish (link to her blog, where there's a photo):

The fishes are: Ari, the big cream-colored one; Maddy, the white one with the fins; Byakuya, the black with gold fins; Renji, the orange/white, and the owner of the black spot against the white is another white fish, Ishida, who has black spots. I’m not sure who is crowding in from the bottom, but it could be Kenpachi or Denys.

(For those who may not be familiar with the fandoms involved, the fish are named after characters from either her own novel Cyteen or the manga/anime series Bleach.)

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