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Icon Squee Meme!

The interesting thing about this is that even though I have more than 110 icons, there has been some overlap with previous rounds every time I have done this (after the first, of course) ... I guess most of mine are just not that mysterious to my fellow fangirls! (Also, I looked back and discovered that there has apparently been some change in how LJ stores icons because the icons are no longer showing on my oldest go-round of this.)

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.

2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.

3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

devikun picked ...

I wanted a science fiction icon. I toyed around with some of the Michael Whalen art from the covers of Cherryh's "Chanur" books, but in the end, I decided that something astronomical would be better as a general SF symbol. NASA has wonderful images free for use on their site. This is a Short-Wavelength Infrared view of galaxy Messier 81. I pumped up the color and contrast a bit. It actually has a border, but it's very hard to see!
Kuro Karatsu, an average student in an average Buddhist university, is the impoverished, long-suffering, and mystically talented lead of the manga Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. I think that statement is his first line in the series (or close to it, anyway). This was one of my first attempts at hand-coloring a completely black-and-white image. Kurosagi has no color art to use as a reference, which made it harder. The flamelike border on the text bar is from a set of backgrounds someone else made.
This is Hotaru, a/k/a Keikoku, from Samurai Deeper Kyo. I'm not going to go into who he is in terms of plot because there are several spoilers about him. But he's a total space cadet, and nothing fazes him - until the scene from which this image was taken, when he finally gets the surprise of his life from the least likely source. The former kittycatbone (now blackcatbone) made this one, and it's just so perfect for general asshattery on the Intarwebs.
Stylized Hebrew calligraphy for the word shalom (peace), by artist Mordechai Rosenstein. The large character in the center is the letter shin (sound sh), and he's managed to intersperse its three uprights into the letters lamed (l) and mem sofit (final m - several letters have different forms at the end of a word). (Also, formal Hebrew doesn't need to include the vowels explicitly.) The tiny words in the lower right are the rest of the quote - "You shall pursue peace." I added the left-right borders. I use this for when I talk about being Jewish.
Daisy Parker, an extremely beautiful, precocious, obnoxious little girl, is the cousin of Jack Bagthorpe, protagonist of the over-the-top hilarious Bagthorpe Saga, a children's series by Helen Cresswell. Daisy's parents indulge her in all sorts of antisocial behavior, including writing on walls - which is where Jack found this statement scrawled. The great thing about this quote is that people who have completely forgotten the books will suddenly remember them when they see these words. This is one of the first icons for which I used a border brush. The dead bee was from an ad for extermination services!



Nov. 24th, 2011 03:28 pm (UTC)
I was trolling your journal for some of your holiday icons, and I saw these. Would you mind if I take and use the "entry level Buddhist" one, (which amuses me greatly!! ♥) as well as the lovely galaxy one? -- of course will credit you!!

The dead bee picture reminds me of the "Dale's Dead-Bug" from King of the Hill, if you have ever seen that show. ^____^


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