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Icon Meme Time Again!

macavitykitsune asked about five of my icons ... and thereby demonstrated what was proved in an earlier icon meme: that I have lots and lots and lots of Saiyuki icons.

It doesn't take much to connect Gojyo with the Hearts suit in the card deck - after all, when you first see him in "Be There," he's holding a hand of all hearts. And then there's a classic British folk tune that Joan Baez recorded that begins "To the Queen of Hearts is the Ace of Sorrow - he's here today, he's gone tomorrow ... ." So, being a compleat 585 fangirl, I did a bit of genderswitch and made this icon.
The Young Lady (my teenaged daughter) has read Saiyuki, although she is not much of a fangirl. However, she did make the immortal observation one day that "Gojyo's clothes in the first series remind me of what happens when you let little kids dress themselves." When I found this chibi online, inspiration put two and two together!
I needed an icon for posts about traveling, and who does more traveling than our boys, eh? This group chibi shot seemed to be the best candidate for reducing to 100 × 100 - most of the other pix of them together in Jeep would have been unrecognizable at that size.
I wanted an icon for myself and the Mr., my husband of 24 years (We met via the SCA! We go to cons together! He reads all my manga, even though the yaoi ones make him twitch!), and I found one of those sites that made custom candy heart graphics. But actually, the character count was too small on those. So instead I hunted around for pictures of real Conversation Hearts, cut two of them out, erased their mottos, and put in my own.
I've been a fan of Nancy's Buttons for literally decades - that's how long I've run into her at conventions - and while I was looking through her catalog for lulz one day, I came across the slogan I've got on one of my Hakkai icons: Intelligence - the ultimate aphrodisiac. After I'd done that one, it was only fair that each of the boys get his own Nancy-slogan icon, and this one just seemed to go with that awfully cute pic of Goku-chan.

Which reminds me ... I now have a whole 7 empty icon slots! I must have received 5 new loyalty userpics when my yearly payment went through. Such riches ... I think I need Black Lagoon icons, and I collected some possible art to use, but I need to think up slogans. (Yes, meganb, I need slogans!)



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May. 3rd, 2009 12:42 pm (UTC)
>_< sorry for the delay, my 'net has been intermittent and lately just DOWN. Posting from a cyber cafe...

The first one was one I'd wanted to know about for a good long time, yes! And the lyrics to that song are beautiful (yes, I looked them up). And whoa, just a year from your silver anniversary! Go you!

*pets the Goku icon* He really is a cutie, isn't he? ^__^

Thank you!
Nov. 24th, 2011 03:42 pm (UTC)
Hat in hand again... could I use the "geek + geek" one, or is it too personal to you? It fits Mr. hg and I quite well, also. We went to nothing but museums on our honeymoon, our first date was the Shakespeare Festival, and got to know each other while he was teaching Lakota Language classes through an Explorer Post (I was his star pupil! ^___^ ) I had been wanting a sort of gently-romantic icon for posts about him and other hopeful, romantic things, and I really love this one. (No one makes icons for us old married folks!)
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